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Build Wealth Through Real Estate Investing

More people have become millionaires through real estate than any other means.  Despite the obvious need to save for retirmenet, a recent Wall Street Journal article indicated that a startling 95% of Americans will face financial difficulties by retirement.  Of course, you have several options for building wealth, but most of these options pale in comparison to real estate.  Consider options like savings accounts, CDs, bonds, and money market accounts.  These are safe options but you certainly won't reach a goal of building significant wealth through these means.  For the most part, these options barely keep pace with inflation.  Think about it.  Home many millionaires do you know who became wealthy by investing in savings accounts?  The stock market can bring you some interesting returns, but it can also lead to some big losses.  You have very little control over the companies you invest in, and there are no significant tax advantages to owning stock.  In addition to the wealth you'd create, you would also benefit from the growing annual cash flow being produced by your income properties.  The income earned can help supplement your existing income, provide additional capital towards the purchase of additional income property, and eventually give you the freedom to quit your job and retire with passive income.

Your investment strategy can be customized and tweaked whether you're buying one property a year, two a year, or one every two years.  You can adjust the pace, but if you stick to the plan you can create a lot of wealth and cash flow.

Take advantage of real estate investing thru - appreciation, leverage, financing, tax advantages and of course the significance of inflation which few investors every consider.  Many people don't think about the inflation aspect and how your monthly mortgage payment is fixed in current dollars, but with inflation you're making those payments with cheaper and cheaper dollars every year.

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